Fun with Fondant

Fun with Fondant

Bees need food during the winter. Their own honey may be enough to get them through the winter. But a little insurance in the form of fondant is also a good idea.

Fondant is primarily white sugar with a little water and fresh lemon juice to attract the bees and help convert the sugar to a more easily digestible snack.

Start by heating the sugar and water to 230 degrees and stir to keep it from burning. Add the lemon and cool to 190 degrees.  Stir the mixture as it cools and it will become more opaque and firm up. Then very carefully pour in pans lined with wax paper to set. The hot mixture is not safe to touch. Be careful!

Let cool in pans overnight. At this point the fondant is ready when you are.

Cut the fondant into rectangles and serve it up. It makes sense to place the fondant on top of the frames. Usually a spacer is required to provide room on top of frames and below inner cover. The bees will love this important supplement.